Plant engineering/CIP (Cleaning In Place)

The term CIP cleaning stands for “cleaning-in-place”. This is used to clean production systems and pipelines in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. The production units and pipe systems do not have to be dismantled and are cleaned in a continuous process. The aim of CIP cleaning is to remove adhering product residues and microorganisms after a production cycle and to prevent the formation of biofilms. A CIP cleaning is completed in the last step with a disinfection.

This process step reduces microorganisms in the plant complex as much as possible.

In practice, the use of our products has proven to be more efficient than other disinfectants. In cooperation with dairies, the application parameters such as temperature, product flow, concentration and contact time could be determined and a more economical operation of the systems were realized.

Among other things, this led to a reduction in the consumption of cleaning agents in CIP cleaning, improved flux values (flow rate) and an increase in production time.